Saybrook Township Fire Department


5714 North Ridge West 

Phone: 440-969-1179 .

fax: 440-969-1605 

  •  Services include:

  •  Firefighting
  •  BLS Emergency Medical Service
  •  Water Rescue Services 
  •  Fire Extinguisher Training
  •  Carbon Monoxide Investigations
  •  Fire Station Tours
  •  CPR Training 
  •  Free Blood Pressure Checks
  •  Car Seat Installation 
  •  The above is an abbreviated list of services. If you have a question, please feel free to contact the Chief. 
  • The Township bills for our Ambulance Services. Anyone that has a question concerning this billing should contact Medicount Management Inc. at 800.962.1484.

    Saybrook Township now offers car seat install and inspection by our Certified Technician Captain James Krenisky. Call for an appointment 440-969-1179.

    Fire Services: Three Engines, Two Ambulances, One Fire Command Vehicle, One Grass Truck.

    Water Rescue Services: One Command Vehicle, Two Jet Skis With Trailer.

    History ​

    The Saybrook Fire Department was established in 1929 with 15 volunteer members and one used 1926 pumper. The fire notification system consisted of a bell that was mounted on the roof of the garage that housed the fire truck. Once notified of a fire, members of the department who lived or worked at nearby stores would respond to the garage, ring the bell, and drive the truck to the fire scene.

    Our department now has both full and part-time personnel that includes a Chief, Captains, Firefighters who are either EMTs or Medics.

    Water Rescue Services has a part-time Commander and Vice-Commander along with approximately 12 volunteer members of this service. ​ ​